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Critical Gameplay

Critical Gameplay: 2009-2012

Critical Gameplay
is a collection of strategically designed video games. Each game asks the question, what do common game mechanics teach us? Each of the games in the collection are designed to help reevaluate our perspective on gameplay experiences. Critical gameplay seeks to offer alternate perspectives on the way we play.

The Exhibition:
Several video games are displayed for visitors to play on multiple stations. Each games evaluates a specific gameplay standard and actively works against it. The hope is the initiation of an intellectual dialogue about the opportunities in unexplored gameplay mechanics.

Exhibition Schedule

Shown: FILE 2012 (Sao Paulo, Brazil), GLS8 (Madison, WI), Artscape 2012 (Baltimore), GLS7 (Madison, WI), IDEAS 2010 (Vancouver, Canada), Meaningful Play (Michigan, USA), CHI2010 (Atlanta, USA), IDEAS2009 (Indiana,USA), ACE2009 (Athens, Greece), SBGames (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Digital Expo (Ohio, USA), Solo Exhibit, Chicago, USA

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music box

Music Box: Real-time Interactive Application (2006-2012)
Last Shown: DIMEA 2009, Athens, Greece

An artistic implementation of emergent behavior and its use to create music. The performance version of Music Box employs a flocking algorithm to display animated notes that rise from a written score, then move to create a distinctive flock-lead music arrangement.



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music boxmusic boxmusic box


Gogh Bot

Make Me an Offer : Gogh Bot (2008)
Last Shown: Gallery 350, Chicago, Illinois (2008)

Gogh Bot is an interactive art work. A simple wind-up toy is placed in a glass display case beside a box of latex gloves. The piece is intended to be touched, but it requires a museum-like hygiene and presence of interaction. The work's intention is light-hearted.

Make Me an Offer is a themed gallery exhibition seeking to emphasize the growing ambiguity between commercial arts and fine arts. It seeks to emphasize the artificial nature of this distinction. Make Me an Offer is co-curated by Lindsay Grace and contains the non-digital interactive installation, Gogh Bot.

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Conversations by Lindsay Grace

Conversations: Installation 2007, 2011
Last Shown: IDEAS2010 (Vancouver, Canada)

An installation piece centered on an unguided exploration of other people’s conversations within a virtual space. The conversations are emitted from abstract primitives in a 3D environment. The piece seeks to strip the illusion of character avatars, expose bare simulacra, and convey the memory of electronic devices. The conversations transpiring in this simplified landscape range from the emotional to the mundane. They discuss politics, personal intimacies, relationships, and other varied topics. The goal is to provide the participant an opportunity to explore a world that is an ambiguous cacophony of the fiction and non-fiction memory of this device


  • Madison, Wisconsin (2011), GLS7 - University of Wisconsin
  • Vancouver, British Columbia (2010), IDEAS 2010 - Emily Carr Universit
  • Cincinnati, Ohio (2009)Art Institute of Ohio- Cincinnati, Ohio (2009
  • Gallery 350, Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago (2008)

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  Conversations by Lindsay GraceConversations by Lindsay GraceConversations by Lindsay GraceConversations by Lindsay Grace
Drift Interruptions Image from Show

Drift Interruptions: Installation (2008)
Last Shown: Year End Graduate Gallery Show: University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois (2008)

Drift Interruptions is an interactive software visualization of the path not taken. It attempts an aesthetic visualization of choice by presenting several decisive moments in literary accounts of travel.The current storyline is displayed as a solid line emitting pictographic representations of the story in real time. When the visitor moves, the narrated storyline changes and a superimposed view of the opposing path appears. Each successive change results in this continued contra-concert, where additional storylines are spawned in the opposite direction of the current narrative.

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Bounce installation by Lindsay Grace

Bounce:Site Specific Installation 2008
Last Shown: Year End Graduate Gallery Show: University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois (2008)

Motion activated game where small, anonymous avatars follow the visitor as they traverse the stairs - giggling distinctly upon each movement. The software uses motion sensing, a physics engine, and stereoscopic sound to create an implied augmentation of reality.

  Bounce installation by Lindsay GraceBounce installation by Lindsay GraceBounce installation by Lindsay GraceBounce installation by Lindsay GraceBounce installation by Lindsay GraceBounce installation by Lindsay Grace
Conversations by Lindsay Grace

Punkmill: Web Art (2007)
Last shown: Web/Internet/Facebook

Punkmill is a lampoon of fashion and the concept of digital self. It is a website designed to let users build their own, individually distinct clothing for avatars and avatar props. Users can enter their email addresses and generate dynamically create 2D textures to apply to 3D models. The textures are collages of the content in their inboxes -spam, personal messages and advertising. The items they "own" in virtual space can then wear these "declarations of self." The T-shirt maker builds t-shirt textures to be applied to Second-Life avatars with a simply click and drag.

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  Punkill Screen by Lindsay GracePunkill Screen by Lindsay GracePunkill Screen by Lindsay Grace
Contrast Sample Image by Lindsay Grace

Contrast: Digital Photography (2007)
Last Shown: New Bedford Art Musuem

A collection of digital and traditional photographs that emphasizes contrast in its many forms.


  • New Bedford Art Musuem (Massachusetts, USA),
  • Gallery 350 (Chicago, USA)
  Contrast Sample Image by Lindsay GraceContrast Sample Image by Lindsay GraceContrast Sample Image by Lindsay Grace